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Just wanted to take the time out to thank a very special group of people.

My Aunt worked for Citi Bank for Years. She was loved by so many of her co-workers there. Their love for her has shown around the clock since she passed away.

When my Aunty passed away, I gained a dozen of Citi Auntys. In honor of my aunt, they gave me boxes of supplies to add to my bags for the homeless. Anytime that I’ve mentioned wanting to do something or needing anything they have come running to my aid without any questions asked. Thank you guys so much. Especially Mrs. Linda, Ms. Aja, and Ms. Paula.

This year, I stepped up my game a little and used drawstring backpacks instead of gallon ziplocks. Also, I was able to pass 50(filled with socks, hats, gloves, soap, deodorant, hand warmers, toothbrushes, feminine products, and other necessities to keep themselves warm over the winter months ahead) total.

On to the next project….

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