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Who remembers the exciting news that I was waiting to share?

Well, I can finally release the news that I have been selected as a Class of 2020 Disney Dreamers Academy winner. This winter has been one of the worst seasons of my life so far. I miss my aunty so much. I still have a hard time believing that she is not here or that I can not call her to talk about my day or to laugh at something crazy that she has said or done. I really just wish that I could turn back the hands of time so that I could have just one more day with her. Well, the day (Christmas Eve) that I was interviewed by the news for placing scarves on trees I missed my aunt more than ever. Each scarf placed on a tree was done in her honor. When my mother, grandmother, brother, and I got home from the interview, I decided to keep going. I had been collecting items to place in backpacks for the homeless. As I sat packing the backpacks, the doorbell rang. My mom opened the door and a few minutes later she started screaming. When she showed me the letter, we screamed together. I submitted my application with minutes remaining. Literally, when I submitted the application, I had 3 minutes remaining. Honestly, I did not want to apply because I knew that there would be so many other amazing teens hoping to be one of the 100 out of thousands. Thank you, mom. If it was not for her telling me to just got for it I would have never went for it.
This Christmas Eve has been the worst and the best Christmas ever. I am so excited and can’t wait to travel back to Disney World in March. It’s always really cool to be around teens with the same ambition and drive as myself. Therefore, I am certain we will have an amazing time.


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